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Harris County Jail 4th Floor

Dura-Ware® - Commercial Stainless Plumbing Fixtures

The Dura-Ware® product line consist of Lavatories, Drinking Fountains, Toilets and Urinals.  Designed for installation on a finished wall from the front side and generally used in commercial plumbing installations.




The Penal-Ware® product line consist of Toilets, Urinals, Showers, Drinking Fountains, Individual Basins and Lav-Toilet Combinations.  Designed for High security and vandal-resistant fixtures for prisons and correctional facilities.

NEW! Suicide Resistant Fixtures
Model # 1440

The Suicide Resistant Penal-Ware® Comby Features:
bulletRounded cabinet with large "D" basin.
bulletLess sharp edges - increases fixture strength.
bulletRounded toilet housing to the floor prevents inmate from fastening material around fixture.
bulletRounded bubbler & pushbutton.

Travis Co. - Del Valle Unit
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Bexar County Jail Chase
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